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Film DC knows Washington, they know the crew base, and they know the unique challenges and pressures of production in the nation’s capitol. Film DC resolves problems and smooths the way so your shoot is as efficient and cost effective as possible. Film DC is a vital partner in creating powerful and creative visual images that align with your communication plan, strategic goals and production schedule. They can help identify locations, obtain permits and permissions to film on public and private property, facilitate the cooperation of federal officials and local authorities, and secure necessary resources and professional support services. Just click on the links to learn more about what Film DC can do for you.


Film DC cuts through the mountain of red tape that threatens to strangle film production in the city that gave birth to red tape. Their contract negotiation skills are second to none because they are built on a reputation of mutual respect with vendors in the city.


Film DC has established relationships with every professional film crew in the Washington region. They can tailor the perfect crew that will meet the most demanding requirements of production.


Film DC is a one-stop shop for securing every resource and support service needed for film and television production. Full services consists of staffing and production and technical coordination, including:


  • Live Studios

  • Editing

  • Post Production Finishing

  • Playout/Uploads

  • Global Satellite Transmission

  • Fiber Connectivity and Transmission

  • Streaming and Webcasting


Creative. Emotional. Thought-provoking. Film DC loves a compelling story. Better yet, they love to tell one. They will approach presidential and inauguration live-action spots with a conversational, documentary-inspired look and feel. Whether one is storyboarding a complex commercial shoot or conducting on-site “running and gunning,” the Film DC crew will find the story quickly and organically. 

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